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Phillippa Russell Lawyer provides legal services to the strata and community title industries. The firm provides a different approach to the delivery of legal services by integrating those services with the development and subdivision process.


The firm can resolve your title and resultant management issues, whether for a new project or for an existing building. This can include answers to some of the following questions:

  • The preferred title and management structure for new developments
  • Restructuring title and management structures in existing projects
  • How to subdivide (ranging from green fields development to lots in an existing scheme)
  • How to best serve the interest of all stakeholders


The firm has well established precedents to meet statutory requirements and the expectations of clients. Depending on the project these may include:

  • Management statements for community title projects
  • Development contracts
  • Strata management statements
  • By-laws for strata schemes
  • Section 88B instruments
  • Caretaker agreements
  • Off the plan sales contracts


The firm’s advisory services include quick answers to recurring problems or detailed advice on new issues.

In addition to legal advice, the firm understands the development process and assists consultants on development issues (such as consents in the development process, whether from an authority or an owners corporation).

Consultancy Services

The firm’s clients include other providers in the strata and community industries. In this capacity the firm provides services, guidance and documents to consultants and other lawyers who may require specialist advice to assist them in servicing their clients.

We are pleased to provide the following scope of services:

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